BNL/InCREASE Cryo-EM Virtual Workshop

October 22, 2021, 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm Eastern Time

Firstname  Lastname  Title  Institution  Department  Research Interest
Stephen Egarievwe Professor Alabama A&M University Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Nuclear radiation detectors. Nuclear engineering. Materials Science. STEM Education.
Noel Blackburn Manager, University Relations and DOE Internship Programs, Stakeholders and Community Relations Office Brookhaven National Laboratory Office of Educational Programs Developing strategies to expose marginalized groups to DOE User facilities for research capacity building.
Sekazi Mtingwa Consultant TriSEED Consultants, LLC N/A Accelerator Physics
Dalice Marie Pinero Cruz Associate Professor University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus Chemistry Sensors, Catalysis and Imaging
Kai Shen Associate Professor and Interim Chair Savannah State University Chemistry & Forensic Science Neuroscience, structural biology
Abram Ledbetter DEI Specialist BNL DEI Office Ptychography
Ratnakar Palai Professor University of Puerto Rico Department of Physics Spintronics Materials, Multiferroics, magnetism, magnetic semiconductors, III-Nitrides, radiation detection materials
Deidra Hodges Associate Professor Florida International University Electrical and Computer Engineering Optoelectronic Materials for Photovoltaics and Radiation Detection; and Quantum Materials and Devices
Hazem Tawfik SUNY Distinguished Service Professor Farmingdale State College / State University of New York Mechanical Engineering Technology  1) Proton Exchange Membrane Hydrogen Fuel Cell 2) Water Electrolysis to produce cost effective 99 % hydrogen purity 3) Ultra pure Hydrogen driven from relatively cost effective wood stock and farm waste 4) Utilizing Nano Graphene Oxide to enhance efficiency of fuel cells and electrolyzers 5) Research and development of Zinc Nickle and Zinc Air Battaries
Michael Druitt Assistant to the Dean, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences Hampton University Biological Sciences Increasing access to US Medical Schools for Underserved Minorities in the local, regional and national scale.
Lisandro Cunci Associate Professor Universidad Ana G Mendez - Gurabo Campus Chemistry Electrochemistry of materials
Abdelaziz Bior Professor Cheyney University of Pennsylvania Natural & Applied Sciences Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Cancer Biology
Peter Romine Associate Professor Navajo Technical University Electrical Engineering Instrumentation
Abebe Kebede Dr North Carolina A&T State University Physics Physics of Materials
David Smith President and CEO University of The Bahamas Presidents Office VR
Sal Gonzalez OEP Sr. Rep Brookhaven National Lab OEP Education
Indu Sharma Associate Professor Hampton University Biological Sciences Microbiology, Environmental Sciences, Microbial physiology, and omics
Venkata Atluri Dr. AAMU EE&CS AI/Machine Learning, Cyber Security, Bioinformatics
DavidfapUW DavidfapUW It be no point.  Davidfap English Department Bowling
Zachary Senwo Professor Alabama A&M University Biological & Environmental Sciences Soil/Environmental Microbial Biochemistry, Environmental Science & Toxicology
Olanrewaju Johnson Assistant Professor of Geotechnical/Environmental Engineering Navajo Technical University Environmental Engineering i) Development and applications of integrated physical, chemical, and biological technologies for hazardous, industrial, and high-level nuclear waste management. ii) Hydrothermal/microwave and solid-state syntheses and characterizations of advanced ceramic materials. iii) Dissolution kinetics for evaluating waste forms
Zhigang Xiao Professor Alabama A&M University Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Nanoscale materials and devices
Lizhi Ouyang Professsor  Tennessee state university Math and physics Material, computational
MICHAEL Forde DR. University of the West Indies CHEMISTRY Materials Science, Catalysis, Green Chemiatry
Hazem tawfik SUNY Distinguished Service Professor Farmingdale State College / State University of New York Mechanical Engineering Technology Hydrogen Proton Exchange fuel cells and Batteries
Matthew Edwards Professor of Physics Alabama A&M University Physics 1.Quantum Physics Noise And Other Fluctuations and Quantum Operations 2. Pyroelectric and Dielectric Properties Characterization of Crystals and Nano-particle Doped Organic Thin Films. 3. Electrooptic Characterization of Crystals and Micro-emulsions.
sajid and Jingbo Liu prof TAMUK CHEM Nano
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